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As Rochester’s top SunPower solar system installer, we are here to help you make the decision to go solar. Our team of experts are dedicated to this ever-growing industry and want to help your family reach energy independence. Why put up with the skyrocketing costs of electricity when you can make your own?

Our Services

Residential Solar

We can help create a sustainable home that not only saves you money, but also benefits our community & environment.

Commercial Solar

Looking to lead the way in your industry with innovative alternative energy technology? We are here to help!

EV Chargers

Have an EV? We can install a charger in your home, or workplace. Learn more about tax credits and incentives.

9 kW
Average System Size
Cents paid per KwH by NYSERDA
Average tons of carbon saved by going solar
Average rebates & incentives paid per system

At a Glance

Installing a solar system in your home not only saves your family money, it provides a gateway to energy independence, and promotes carbon neutrality!


Anyone and everyone can benefit from installing solar panels to provide their home with electricity. If you have a roof free of shade that can fit solar panels, or open yard space big enough for an array with no trees, your home can have a solar system. Needs vary based on your home – Contact us today to see what would be best for your family!

The cost varies based on your home’s needs. Send us over an electrical bill so that we can determine your monthly electricity usage. This is necessary in developing a system that will supplement or meet all of your home’s energy needs. Once a system is developed custom to your home, then cost is determined.

Available now are substantial government tax credits and rebates that help you lower the cost of your system. NYSERDA also provides incentives that lower this cost even further. Contact your personal tax consultant to see what credits and rebates you quality for.

YES! Actually, Germany produces the most solar energy in the world – and Rochester gets as must sun as Germany each year. While it may seem like the weather here cannot sustain a solar system, that is the farthest from the truth!

YES! There are multiple financing options for your solar system. We offer financing solutions through our lenders, but you also can use a line of home equity or get a loan from your bank to cover the costs of your system.

We are here to help you go solar