Produce your own electricity, protecting yourself from rate hikes in the future.

Worry-Free Warranty

With SunPower’s 25 year warranty, feel safe knowing if you need a panel replaced you will not be charged for anything – not even shipping or labor.

Free Energy!

Reduce or eliminate your electricity bill each month! 

Invest in your Home & Go Solar

Rebates, Credits and Incentives Available!

Installing a solar system on your home has never been more affordable! With the government and local organizations offering high dollar amount incentives to go solar, you can save a large portion of the cost. Depending on eligibility, you could save up to 55% of the total cost.

The Process

Getting started is easy! We guide you through all of the steps needed from start to finish. Our guys determine the size of your system based on your electricity bills, develop a rendering of where the panels will go on your roof, estimate your production each month, and are available to you along the way for any questions you may have.

  • Send us your electricity bill
  • Meet with our design and installation team to develop your SunPower system
  • Sign the contract
  • Sit back and relax!
  • Produce your own electricity supply for decades to come!

Roof Mount or Ground Mount?

Roof Mount

Your roof is one of the best places to mount your solar panels - This option is available for most people as long as the roof is not too shaded and is structurally sound.

Pole Mount or Ground Mount

Pole Mounts and Ground mounts are available to everyone. They are a great alternative to a roof mount, and you often can fit more panels in your yard than on top of your roof. Contact us today to see which is the best fit for your home and needs!

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